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Successful Women’s Car Care Clinic

On September 21, 2013 Merson held our first Women’s Car Care Clinic. We hosted 40 fantastic women who were enthusiastic to learn more about how their cars work. We were fortunate to have Lisa Christensen, mechanic and host of CJAD’s Car Show, on hand to lead the group in preventative maintenance.  Our friends at Yokohama Tire Canada, Christine Rouleau and JF Messier were here to teach the women about tires. They were joined by Merson’s superstar mechanics who covered the suspension and brakes modules.

We had a blast, and our guests left feeling excited and empowered with their new knowledge about their vehicles.

But don’t just take our word for it! This is what Donna Noseworthy had to say following her two hours spent here:

I just got home from an instructive 2 ½ hour car clinic for women offered free of charge at MERSON. As part of a group of ten, I rotated through demonstrations informing us about a car’s suspension and braking system. Lisa Christiansen, CJAD’s automotive problem adviser gave us a tour of what’s going on under the hood as well as some very valuable tips about various fluids and emergency substitutes. YOKOHAMA’s representatives taught us about proper tire inflation, what the numbers associated with tires mean and provided insight into new tire technologies. We were even given a bonus lesson by Chad on how to change a tire. This has motivated me to practice in my driveway on my own the next week.
I want to thank all the instructors and organizers for offering this informal but very informative clinic. I may not be ready to change my car’s oil yet, but I certainly feel comfortable checking the engine oil level and know what kind of oil my car needs.
Ladies, don’t miss out on a great opportunity should another car clinic be given.

Thanks Donna-perhaps next time we’ll get you under the car for an oil change!

Visit our Facebook page to see some photos of the fun we had.

Come experience our next clinic. If you want to be put on a waiting list to be contacted when we have the details of our next event, just send us an email!


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